When viewing the Customers Metric Page on Control board, you may have noticed that the customer count is not always consistent between intervals. This article is here to explain why that is and help you get the most out of this metric.

This page and data table allow you to see all your unique customers. A unique customer is someone that has had at least one approved charge within the selected time period. Being unique, they are only counted once within each interval, even if they have made several purchases.

If we take a look at the image above, we see that in the month of November 2017 there were 267 unique customers. Let’s refer to one of those unique customers as Customer A. During the month of November, Customer A was counted only once. They may have had 5 approved charges or they might have had 500; regardless, they are still only counted once.

If we change the interval from Month to Weeks, we see the graph below. 

In this graph, during the week of November 9th to October 5th, there were 78 unique customers. Our previous unique customer, Customer A was one of them, and again, like before, regardless of the number of transactions he made that week, he was only counted once. 

But because our interval has gotten more granular, we can see that Customer A had transactions in 2 consecutive weeks, during the initial one mentioned above and the week of November 16th to November 24th. So if you were to add up the unique Customers from both weeks, Customer A would be counted twice in that month. 

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