Square connected accounts can access the Items Sales Detail export via the Export tab within Settings. 

Preset date range options include: Last Month (default), This Month, Last Quarter, This Quarter, Last Year and This Year.

The report can be exported in Comma-separated values (.CSV) format for import into any spreadsheet software program.

A detailed sales (or refund) record is listed for each transaction within the selected date period.

The following sales (and refund) details are included within the report where applicable..

  • Date range applied
  • Export date and time
  • Filter: Platform (Square only)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Timezone
  • Category
  • Item
  • Variation
  • Qty
  • SKU
  • Gross Sales
  • Discounts
  • Net Sales
  • Tax
  • Currency
  • Transaction ID
  • Payment ID(s)
  • Provider ID
  • Account Email
  • Account Nickname
  • Location
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Method
  • Card Brand
  • CC Last 4
  • Expiry Date
  • Customer ID
  • Customer Name
  • Details (Link to online receipt)
  • Notes
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