In this article, we are going to refer as “Parent” the franchisor or marketplace operator and as “Child” the franchisee or vendor.

  1. After you have created a Control account, if you wish to connect a Square or Authorize.Net account, you will be asked whether or not you are planning on connecting accounts owned by other merchants. This could include your franchisees or vendors.

Clicking on "No, I only want to access my account data" will simply prompt you to manually connect your account(s).

2. After clicking yes, you will be redirected to the Data Import Link page. 

3. Click on Generate Link to get your unique URL and then copy it. For security reasons, the link expires after 90 days and you will need to generate a new one.

4.  Send this link to your merchants to get access to their data. They will have to create a Control account and manually connect their Square or Authorize.Net account to it.

5. You may come across a message saying that your link has expired. This is to ensure the security of the content. Simply re-click on Generate Link to get a new one. Once accounts have been connected they will remain connected regardless of the link being expired or deactivated.

6. You also have the option of deactivating the Data Import Link at any time by clicking on the Deactivate Link button. A confirmation will pop-up. 

This will, in turn, generate a new Data Import Link which can then be shared with your merchants. The old URL will no longer work. Accounts already connected will not be affected.

7. If you have created more than one company in your account, you will have the option to generate a unique link for each of those companies. You also have the option to deactivate and generate a new link at any time for all companies. 

The Data Import Link page is always accessible from your Account Settings.

If you have clicked on this by accident, please reach out to us at and we will help you out.

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