Before proceeding, make sure that you are using the custom URL that was sent to you by the Control user whom you wish to share your data with.

  1. Create a Control account by entering your name, email and password.

2. You will then be taken to our dashboard to set up your company.

3. In your Company Manager, click on Connect Account.

4. Since you used the custom URL sent to you, you will only be able to connect a Square or an Authorize.Net account. However, once your first account has been connected, you will also be able to connect accounts from other platforms. Log in using your Square account credentials.

5. After having selected Square or Authorize.Net, enter your login credentials to complete the connection.

6. You will then be taken back to Control. If you connected a Square account, you will be asked to select which locations you want to share data for. This is helpful if you have multiple locations in your account and don't want to share all of your data. Click "Link X Location(s)" to finalize the process.

If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please feel free to reach out to us at and we will help you out.

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