1. Click on the “Create New Payment” icon in the top right corner.

2) Enter new customer information manually or choose an existing customer in the “Select Existing” menu.

3) Once the information is filled in, check off the box at the bottom that says “Preauthorize only.” Then tap on “Submit” to finalize the preauthorization. You can hold the fund up to 7 days before Stripe automatically refunds the full amount back to the cardholder.

4) Open the side menu, tap “Charges”

5) Find the Pre-authorized payment, tap it

6) Scroll to the bottom of the payment details, you’ll see “Release” and “Capture”.

If you wish to capture the payment, you can either capture the full amount by default or check the box of “Partial Capture?”, and enter the amount you want to capture. For example:

If you wish to release the payment fully, just tap on “Release” and tap “OK”.

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