One of the coolest things about our latest dashboard are all the filters that you have access to. Which can lead to the question, what's the difference between the Global Filters and the Non-Global ones? 

Global Filters are the ones we refer to that are applicable regardless of the page that you're on, be it Revenue, Charges or Customers. 

So Filters like Country and Currencies would be in this category because more you can not only sort out which country your customers are from, but you can also search for that same country on your charges page. 

For example;

Countries, Currencies, and Dates on the Customers page;

Countries, Currencies, and Dates on the Charges page;

Whether Non-Global Filters are the ones that are contained within the category of the page you're looking at. These are usually the ones like Min/Maximum Customer Value, At Risk, or Status. 

For example;

On the Customers page;

On the Charges page;

This is why sometimes when you've picked a combination of filters and have already saved them, they might appear greyed out. And this is because they just can't be applied to the page you're currently on. 

The great thing about these Filters is that you can narrow down as much as you want to get the information that is the most relevant to you and your business. 

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