1. To process a payment with the Miura M010 you start by creating a New Charge. You can click on the button on the top right of your mobile device. 

2. Tap on “Use Chip & PIN Reader”

3. Tap and enter the amount you want to charge. Make sure the currency is correct.

4. Once you tap on “Submit”, you may move onto your Card Reader

5. On the display of your Card Reader, it will ask your customer to present card. The customer may insert, or tap the card.

a) Chip Card Slot: Insert the card into the chip card slot at the bottom of the Card Reader, wait for the instruction on the display, then enter PIN, and press Enter key [✓].

b) NFC (Contactless Payment): Tap the card on the display of the Card Reader and hold it for a few second.

c) Magstripe Reading Slot: Swipe the card through the slot on top of the Card Reader and make sure the front of the card is facing you

6. When the customer finishes the steps, you will see the following messages on your Control mobile app. Remove the card when instructed to.

7. You may choose to send your customer a receipt. Tap “Send Receipt”, enter the email address and tap “Send”

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