If you are using WooCommerce to accept Stripe and/or PayPal payments on your site, you can also view all of your analytics and real-time alerts via the Control – Alerts & Analytics for Stripe & PayPal iOS app and detailed analytics via the web-based Control Board.  If you don’t have a Control account, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

You will immediately receive real-time alerts on any Stripe payments via WooCommerce from the Control – Alerts & Analytics for Stripe & PayPal iOS app.

Setting up real-time alerts on the Control app for PayPal payments received via WooCommerce requires an installation of the WooCommerce plug-in “Real-time Updates for PayPal Analytics”.

The plugin file and installation instructions can be found on the Control + WooCommerce plugin page for “Real-time Updates for PayPal Analytics”

You can also Configure Real-Time Alerts for PayPal in your PayPal dashboard to ensure any other of your apps connected to PayPal are configured to work with Control.

Drop us a line at support@getcontrol.co if you require any more assistance!

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