Stripe regularly updates their API to enhance the security of their service, which may require you to reconnect your Stripe connection again if you experience any errors. If you see the error message “Unable to connect to payment provider API” it is very easy to resolve this . We have explained the steps for your benefit.

  1. First off, make sure that your operating system version on your iPhone /iPad is on the latest version – OS 10+, by following these steps
  2. Go to Settings, sign out from the app, delete the Control app of your phone and do a clean install 
  3. Login to the Control app with your Control email and password. If you forgot your Control email, you can reset it here.
  4. Navigate to your side menu and select ‘Accounts’

5. Swipe left to disconnect your current connected Stripe account and click ‘Disconnect’

6. You will be asked to confirm the disconnection. Click ‘OK’

7. You will be redirected to the Platform Connect page. Select ‘Stripe’

8. Login with your Stripe account email and password. Note this may be different form your Control account email and password. If you forgot your Stripe password you can reset it here. 

Once you have re-connected your Stripe account, you will be good to go!!

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